This is where they are gonna tell of their unlikely tales of adventure

December 27, 2008

And post their prettiest of pictures;
This is them.

On Khalapattar in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp is behind them.

Dyllis has 7 layers of clothing on.




7 Responses to “This is where they are gonna tell of their unlikely tales of adventure”

  1. paul Says:

    well done, luddites.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I can’t believe how blue the sky looks.

    Looking forward to reading each new chapter as the tale unravels.

    Rachel xxx

  3. Dave Medlo Says:

    You two are actually my heroes. My real, proper, true-life heroes. I salute you both and look forward to reading of your adventures… have as much fun as you possibly can.


  4. Sue & Chris Says:

    Have a fantastic trip both of you, lots of new adventures. Take care and have fun.

  5. Ruth E Says:

    Can’t cope with all this high-tech stuff; whatever happened to postcards???? Bon Voyage.

  6. Madeleine and Steve Says:

    Wow a blog, do you want to do political cover of the trip?? The post card from Nepal arrived today 30th December so perhaps postcards take a little longer to reach than the blog. Take descriptions of the birds, it will make an interesting quiz for Steve when you return.


  7. Helen and drew Says:

    Guess who is top of the league?
    Have a lovely time, went to a fab rave at your house last night, just in , thanks
    Helen and Drew

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