Sun, sea, saga and speedos

February 12, 2009

Feb 2nd– Feb 11th 
Here be sun.

Here be sea.

Here be lots of German Saga Holiday makers.

And here, worn by said Saga holiday makers, be lots of speedos (and bikinis).

Now, is it coincidence that Saga contains the word Sag? I think not.

I am of the personal opinion that saggy bits are best hidden from public view but I do have a sneaking admiration for the 70 and 80 year olds here who have confidence in their aged bodies and/or a couldn’t care less attitude and simply want all their saggy bits to look tanned. Eddie doesn’t think quite the same. And he does have a point about the speedos.

Having said that, the sun and sea can obviously restore lost youth……

(Censor next part …not to be read by sons, niece, parents, friends of a nervous disposition).

Eddie asked a gorgeous young Thai girl for sex on the beach last night. One look at his new tan and lack of speedos and she was delighted. She was a long time coming but Eddie confirmed it was well worth it. My own particular paradise came with a young man of quite a fruity disposition – fun – and I may have to return for seconds!
cocktail-11And…what are the chances of the following…….. Remember we went to Everest Base Camp in Nov/Dec with a group of young trekkers… the 2 most experienced walkers were Dave and Beverley from UK (they got engaged looking out over Everest!!!). Well…we just met them on the street of tiny Ao Nang as we left the beach! It was just ridiculous, random, bizarre….by whatever name, it was an amazing coincidence, even more than meeting Malcolm and Marjorie in a tiny Austrian town. Dave and Bev are serious travellers and had done lots of exciting things since The Trek. We drank, chatted, took photos. Was good.

We’ve not done a lot while here but we did venture out on a longtail (a gondola on speed)boat to Railay Beach where we found lovely sand and clear water for swimming…on both journeys we were at the front of the boats, spray in our faces as the Viking armada returned to Ao Nang beach. We’ve watched a heroic and eventually successful attempt to relaunch a long tail that had stuck in the tide while a red full moon sank over the sea.

We have seen monkeys, lots of birds, more elephants and a long thin green snake which may have been dangerous because of the way they boy who caught it, dealt with it! It wasn’t too far from our room so we weren’t complaining!

I have bought a sarong…I felt quite sophisticated wearing it for our big night out…(watching City beat Middlesborough on a big screen in the hotel pool bar.) However, despite my careful, much practised knotting, the whole thing fell off and slithered to the floor just as we walked in. Sigh.

Thai people are lovely…friendly, polite, always smiling. They obviously rely on tourism and tourists but they are respectful and pleasant and will walk away happily if you don ‘t want to buy. They giggle a lot. There is a lot of new building but it fits in and Krabi is still small enough to be pleasant.. Good choice – thanks to S,G,L…our Personal Trip Advisors!!

There have been very recent changes to tourist visas (they now last only 15 days instead of the previous 30) this has not been well publicized and the result has been huge consternation and some arrests ….we have heard about Thai jails so when we realized that our visa now ran out the day before we leave we decided we had better do something about it. We were hugely pleased that we managed to work out what to do, get a bus and find the immigration office in Krabi. It was shut. It was a Buddha Day apparently. So we have been assured that we can just pay a small fine on the train….watch this space!!!

Another long train journey to Singapore via Butterworth…Malaysia here we come.

(Sorry this took a while to put up…on our last day in Krabi all the electricity was off and we’ve been

without internet since).






3 Responses to “Sun, sea, saga and speedos”

  1. chris & sue Says:

    where are the pics of eddie in his speedos?!xxx

  2. Ruth Says:

    Have a friend called Dave who works in a hotel in Krabi, comes from Scarborough, he teaches English to the staff!! Are you bronze yet Dyllis? XX

  3. Charlie and Steve in NZ Says:

    We want to see a picture of eddie in Leeds united style speedos.

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