February 19, 2009

Feb 13th- 15th

Singapore sells t shirts showing pictures of activities for which people are fined… equivalent of £500 for eating or drinking on the underground, £250 for chewing gum (which is illegal), £200 for dropping litter – consequently it is a very clean, ordered city. We had so little time there that we took a bus tour and saw the main sights – the Sky flyer – a big wheel which is 30m higher than the London Eye (they are very proud of this), an amazing pineapple/porcupine type building where the spikes moved to keep the sun off, the busy harbour, tall chrome and glass office blocks, millions of shops, temples, Little India, Arab Quarter, Chinatown …..Raffles….all dotted between cricket pitches and greenery. We spent most time in the Botanical gardens which were a superb, cool and peaceful oasis in this very humid city. A man who asked us the time asked us if we were teachers cos he thought we looked as if we were. Hmmmm. The people are friendly and so helpful….until as we walked along a street there was this almighty crack and a huge branch dropped from a tree and fell right at our feet…2 seconds earlier and we would have been under it (and badly hurt without a doubt, it was very heavy)….we stopped in absolute shock and everyone else just walked past as if nothing untoward had happened…..except the man closest to us who shook his head in disbelief saying “Jesus Christ…you two are lucky”. So we bought a lottery ticket. We got a taxi to the airport and our lovely Chinese driver was so excited that we came from Manchester that he chattered furiously to Eddie for the full half hour. Unfortunately only one word in 40 was intelligible so Eddie valiantly repeated that one word and made a random comment on it…it seemed to work and let’s face it, our Chinese is pretty limited! Next…3 weeks in Australia starting in Cairns….the Great Barrier Reef. exciting!!


One Response to “singapore”

  1. Rod Says:

    Always thought Singapore sounded a bit daunting, probably fine people with beards! Australia sounds much better, it’s a great place. Then of course New Zealand – wonder if you’ll meet anyone you know? I’m sending you an email too.

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