Motorhome to Middle earth Part 4

March 31, 2009

March 26th 31st

Last couple of days on South Island.

Nelson – beautiful place and guess what we found there…..we found the Ring!!! We saw Aragorn’s and Gandalf’s rings and we saw The Original Ring used in the film….and best of all, we HELD the massive Ring that was used in the close ups. It wasn’t melted by lava in Mount Doom after all, it still exists…and I held it!!! You know what that means don’t you!!

North Island

Beautiful sunset as we headed for North Island.

Stop 1;Wellington was keeping the Earth Watch Hour of Darkness as we arrived. It’s a windy place with spectacular views over the harbour, delightful houses on Oriental Bay and the surrounding hills… and lots of people taking exercise. It also has the most fantastic museum..Te Papa…if you need somewhere to take kids on a Sunday morning, this is it…we learnt lots about Maori History.

Stop 2;Palmerston North

Steve Dawson, Ann Marie and Lily Mae live there – we called in to say hello and meet 11 week old Lily. What a lovely life they have…Ann Marie is growing veg in the garden, looking after their lovely big house, she sorted out our washing and persuaded us to sleep in a proper bed …and all the while looking after a new baby! Steve has a really good school and is enjoying his job. He cooked us a great meal, we drank a silly amount of wine and were hugely entertained by the cleverest, most sociable and cutest baby…..she is a star…. and….she sleeps!!! We’ve left her a permanent reminder of us in the shape of a purple ‘Eddie the Elephant’ which plays music (how could we resist?)

lily mae

Stop 3; Napier

Destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 Napier was completely rebuilt in Art Deco style and remains like that today. It’s one of the best examples of original Art Deco architecture in the world. Eddie loved it and has taken some superb photos. I put my flapper dress on and tap danced.


Stop 4; Lake Taupo

Take a 100m wide , 4m deep fast flowing river and funnel it into a gap 15m wide and 10m deep and you get Huka Falls – a brilliant colour and scarily powerful.

Take a layer of magma which heats the earth above it and sends steam hissing through the fissures….add some mud pools, lots of noises and smells and you get the Craters of the Moon – lots of lovely colours and spookily prehistoric

Tomorrow our steps lead to Mount Doom…………..precious


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