Final thoughts on New Zealand and Motorhome

April 10, 2009


 New Zealand is simply stunning. Go and see it. If you can’t do that, buy a book, watch a DVD and prepare to be awed.

Sand flies are creatures of evil.

South Island is superb, North Island has its moments

Best bits of South Island…..being with Rod and Gill, discovering the LOR locations (especially Deer Park Heights and Canaan Downs) and The Ring, Glaciers, Arthur’s Pass, Mount Cook, Queenstown, Nelson, Pancake Rocks., Abel Tasman. (Downside….sand flies stop you enjoying the fantastic beaches).

Best bits of North Island….seeing Steve and family, doing the Tongariro Crossing (volcanoes and craters), beautiful beaches. (Downside…not sure how to explain it, to say ‘it’s busier’ is ridiculous but there is an element of truth in that!)

 Queenstown and Nelson were a good size for towns, we decided we could easily live in either one. .. and in Devenport.

I have discovered that I don’t really like thermals/geysers etc and much, much prefer mountains and beaches. I would never need to see Rotorua again. Ever.

mount cook


We not only managed to survive, we ended up loving it…the flexibility and spontaneity were exactly what we wanted and staying in some really remote locations was brilliant.

 It isn’t a cheap holiday – you pay for driving round in your house – it would definitely be cheaper to hire a car and stay in motels etc. You save on meals because you can cook your own (and if you have your own personal chef, as I do, that’s fine) but then you may feel you lose out because having meals out is part of a holiday.

You realise that you don’t need anywhere near as many clothes as you think you need.

You realise that washing machines are truly wonderful inventions.

Living in such a compact space makes you very tidy.

NZ Holiday Parks are of a very high standard.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is great and has lots of cheap sites to park campervans in remote areas. You can also do Freedom Camping but not everywhere. The Department of Conversation on the other hand, talks a lot but does nothing about anything.

We had the luxury of a heater which worked from the diesel – we could leave it on all night if it was especially cold (we only did that twice, in remote areas but it was great putting it on in the morning just before we got up) and it could be left on and used to dry washing that hung in the shower as we were driving.

If by any chance your Scrabble has been taken on tour and then mislaid by a son, buy another or get it on your laptop. Add a book of card games for 2 players.

Never , ever, ever argue about the number of books you need to take – take them all and exchange/sell in the book shops you meet on your journey.

our van


One Response to “Final thoughts on New Zealand and Motorhome”

  1. gill hartley Says:

    Echo Devernport and just about all you say about NZ. Still have the sandfly scars!

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